Natural Building Collective


This is our standard application form for workshops and workparties,  please feel free to copy and paste into an email and send to the coordinator of the workshop you are applying for.

Please specify which course you are applying for (or give order of preference if open to being considered for more than one in case one is full):







Special Skills and Interests:Do you have any natural building related experience and/or skills?:

Do you have any physical and/or mental health issues that would be helpful for us to know about (ie. medications, allergies, injuries, illness etc.)?:

Do you have any specific dietary needs that would be helpful for us to know about? (Are you vegetarian?  Vegan?
Dairy- free,  Allergies, Other?)

Do you have children you’d like to bring? Ages?

Are you comfortable with rustic outdoor living? (Camping, outhouse, no running water, no electricity)

Are you capable of 6 hours a day of physical labour?

Write a paragraph for each of the following questions:

1) Why are you interested in this course?

2) What do you plan to do with the skills you learn?

3) What is your experience with working in groups?