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It’s a party and you’re invited!

We wrote a book, and we are having a giant party. The Mudgirls Manifesto Book Launch will celebrate all the hard work and good times that got us here, with friends, music, and revelry!

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We’re celebrating over 10 years of being a successful, fun-loving collective of rebel builders; 10 years of learning and togetherness! We are also raising some funds for the Tiny House Warriors, another bunch of badass people who are out there protecting the very world we live on. Check them out here. They are building 10 tiny homes on unceded Secwepemc Territory in the path of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. This type of direct action is what is going to make the difference between pipeline or no pipeline.


If you are in the neighbourhood, join us in Vancouver BC on June 7th. Music, good friends, Mudgirls in person, and special guest – your high school science teacher Mr.Shazinski will answer all your natural building questions, short presentations, slide show, merch, and our BOOK will be for sale. A night to remember!








We are available through the spring, summer and fall 2018 for crew jobs
and any questions you might have.

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The Mudgirls wrote a book!!


Mudgirls Manifesto: Handbuilt Homes, Handcrafted Lives

Available now!

You can order it from New Society Press or at Amazon or wherever books are sold. Check with your local independent bookstore and order there to keep your local economy thriving.

When we began working as a collective, most of us had very little building experience. We learned to build by building. We hope this book will encourage others not to wait for permission to embark on the building of their dreams, never forgetting to celebrate the things that go right along the way.

Our book is based on our philosophy – that if nobody is going to change the rules so that they make sense in terms of basic needs, rights, and respect for the biosphere that supports our very existence, then we should feel free to make our own rules. It happens to be cast through the perspective of building homes – but providing oneself with shelter is intimately bound up with the structure of everything in our lives. We are seeing to provide a true alternative to a wasteful, oppressive system that creates toxic boxes that  inherently remove our right to learn, grow and challenge ourselves as people. The fact that we are women – traditionally disempowered in the building trades –  and mothers – disempowered everywhere – only underlines the fact that this revolution is available to everybody who wants to step outside the “box”.

It is a book for the counterculture, holding descriptions of the challenges and the triumphs of resisting the conventional ways of thinking, building, and earning money.

It breaks down the boundaries of what is an acceptable way to make an income, how to include mothers, and how to have equal say in decision making. It lays out the insanity of the current system we all navigate now,  and how we strive to stay out of the conventional rat race.

It has a detailed section on natural building tips, discussions on proper materials and directions to build an earth oven, make plaster, build dry stack foundation and much more.

Thank you all for the support you have shown us over this last decade. We would not be where we are if it had not been for your kind participation and your small steps and your big, attainable dreams.

Special Announcement!the-cob-builders-handbook
Cob Builder’s Handbook by Becky Bee

One of our heroines, Becky Bee, the woman who made cob building seem approachable, female and righteous, is in need of our help. Her book is going out of print. Soon, you will no longer be able to order it from the distributor.


On sale now, 50% off the retail price!

It’s required reading for our collective! There’s nothing like it for beginning cobbers. If you don’t already own it, now’s a perfect time. If you already have it, buy a few to inspire those aspiring cobbers in your life.

Buy it here

or if you don’t live in America (like us) email them directly at Or email us and we can hook you up with a copy, we have a stash.