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Workshops 2016



 Introduction to Cob House Building

May 16th-20th, 2016 Mayne Island BC

This 5 day workshop will have us working on building up the walls of Pam’s dream cob home located on one of the beautiful southern gulf islands of British Columbia. We will be learning all the ins and out of mixing and building with clay, sand, and straw, turning this material into walls, shelves, and benches. We will be installing windows and building directly from the foundation up. During daily morning instructionals we will be learning about all different aspects of natural building from design to roofs and plasters everything in between. Join us, learn, get dirty and have fun all the while.

Cost $350 (lower income options available)

Food, Camping and Childcare Included

Please send an application to

all genders welcome

 Earthen Floor Weekend Workshop

June 18th-19th

Join the Mudgirls and the lovely people of Metchosin Farm and Seeds in learning and working to create a solid earthen floor in their new seed processing room. We will be teaching an understanding of the materials as well as applying this knowledge to mix and lay clay, sand, and straw on the subfloor, which we will also be installing to help ensure an over all comprehension of how an earthen floor is made.

Cost $150

Camping, food and childcare included

all genders welcome

please fill out an application and email to



Natural Building Workshop Series

Week 1 June 20th-24th

Week 2 June 27th-July 1st

Join us for the continuation of Pam’s house build on Mayne Island BC. We will be using natural and local materials to build up the walls of her small cabin. You will have hands on experience making and applying cob as well as using a blend of straw, clay slip and wood chips to insulate the walls of the second story. During the morning instructionals you will learn in depth information on natural home construction. We will discuss materials, their assets, drawbacks and applications. A basic understanding of house design as well and site selection will be covered as well. Attending both weeks will find you well informed and ready to build something of your own!

Cost for one week: $350 for both: $600

Low income options available

Meals , camping, and childcare included

all gender welcome

please fill out an application and send it to


Cob and Natural Insulation Workshop

July 11 – 15, 2016. Denman Island BC

Over 5 days we will be filling the walls of my cabin addition with Chip Slip (wood chips/sawdust and clay slip). We will also be starting the cob basis for a rain-water catchment tank. In addition to hands-on making and building, there will be daily talks and presentations outlining the basic concepts of natural building and how to approach everything from foundations to roofs and everything in between.

Cost is $ 350

Camping, meals and childcare are included in the cost.

All genders welcome.

please fill out an application and email to





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